S. Portia Steele Memorial Scholarship for Jewish Women
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The S. Portia Steele Memorial Scholarship for Jewish Women provides an annual scholarship for qualified Jewish women pursuing an academic degree in creative writing, English, or journalism. When Portia Steele died in 2005 her husband, Dennis Steele, chose to memorialize his beloved friend and wife of 40 years by establishing a named continuity fund at JFCS in her honor. During her writing career in Burlingame, California, Portia was the founder and instructor of Women on Writing©, a seminar for published writers sponsored by the Daly City Senior Center. Between 1992 and 2002, as the Center’s facilitator, she helped scores of… Read More

Posted by Admin on February 28, 2012
Rabin Family Memorial Endowment Fund
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The Rabin Family Memorial Endowment Fund will help wherever the community’s needs are the greatest, today and in the years to come. The Rabin family originally established their named continuity fund in 2004 in loving memory of their mother, Anne Simon Rabin.  When Anne’s daughter Cathy died in 2007, the fund’s name and description were modified to memorialize her as well. Anne Simon was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, in 1919. Her first husband, Murray Weiss, died during World War II, leaving Anne with an infant daughter. Showing remarkable courage, Anne took her daughter cross-country to California and started… Read More

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Robert Block Memorial Endowment Fund
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Annual distributions from the fund are used to provide practical and spiritual support for people with HIV/AIDS and their family members, thereby celebrating the legacy of generosity which Robert Block consistently demonstrated throughout his own lifetime. Richard Boyle established the Robert Block Memorial Endowment Fund in loving memory of his life partner, Robert, who served as JFCS’ Assistant Controller from 1988 until his death in 1998. Richard and Robert first met in 1970 and began a 28-year partnership filled with travel to far-flung locales. They enjoyed the company of friends and family and supported the arts and the political and… Read More

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Isaiah Buffett-Davis Memorial Fund
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The Isaiah Buffett-Davis Memorial Fund, created and named in loving memory of Shelley Davis’s stillborn grandson, provides assistance—both financial and practical—to at-risk pregnant women and their families. This support may include services such as counseling and help with household tasks, including cooking, cleaning and shopping, and childcare. Shelley Davis used the occasion of her birthday in 1999 to establish a named continuity fund in memory of her beloved grandson, Isaiah Buffett-Davis, who had recently been stillborn. Noting that the Chinese character for “crisis” is also the character for “opportunity,” Shelley reflects that the greatest sorrows of our lives can have… Read More

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Kay Family Marin Outreach Fund
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Distributions from the Kay Family Marin Outreach Fund are used to increase the visibility of Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Marin County so that local residents can become fully aware of the wide range of services our agency offers. Barbara and Barry Kay and their daughters, Julie and Jenna, set up their second JFCS named continuity fund, the Kay Family Marin Outreach Fund, to honor the JFCS staff and volunteers—past, present and future—who, by sharing their expertise and caring and by meeting continually changing needs, have greatly improved the quality of life within the Marin community. As a JFCS… Read More

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Joyce and Ernest Lampert Endowment Fund
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Established in 1997, the Joyce and Ernest Lampert Endowment Fund helps make it possible for needy seniors to receive the homecare services they require to remain living safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. By creating their named continuity fund at JFCS, the Lamperts honor the memory of their parents in a perpetual and meaningful way. Freda and Max Steinberg, Joyce’s parents, had immigrated to Toronto from Russia when both were quite young. Once grown and married, Max went into the ladies’ clothing business, while Freda stayed home to raise Joyce and her two brothers.… Read More

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