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JFCS’ Shupin Community offers urban independent living coupled with comprehensive, personalized support so that adults with developmental disabilities can live full lives and age with dignity.

Our multiple, beautiful residences for neurodivergent adults at varying stages of independence are in Laurel Heights—one of San Francisco’s most vibrant, beautiful neighborhoods. Residents are steps away from shops, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, transportation, and cultural and recreational institutions, including the Jewish Community Center.

The Residences

Shupin House, Independent Living for Adults with Disabilities

Shupin House

Shupin House offers shared two-bedroom apartments for neurodivergent adults. The property also has a lovely private garden with a patio and is fully secured. Shupin House residents have prior experience living outside of their family’s home and are motivated to become more independent.

Watch a video about life at Shupin House!

Ady's Place

Ady’s Place

Ady’s Place is a shared home for neurodivergent women at varying stages of independence. With ocean views and a rooftop patio, this fully equipped and spacious home is designed for women to learn, grow, and enjoy independence. Residents learn a variety of independent living skills such as managing finances, preparing meals, and navigating interpersonal relationships. Through our care management services, residents receive individual support in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Gary's Place

Gary’s Place

Gary’s Place is a shared home for neurodivergent men who are ready to take the first step towards independence and out of their family’s homes. All residents in this transitional program receive support from Resident Mentors, a Residential Manager, and a Clinical Care Manager. This 6,000-square-foot home has a video game lounge, art studio, and physical fitness equipment. Residents learn independent living skills and work towards attaining personal goals such as pursuing higher education and obtaining paid employment.

Take a video tour of Gary’s Place!

Gerson’s Place

Gerson’s Place is a shared home for neurodivergent men at varying stages of independence. Residents share a kitchen and living space, and all have their own bedrooms. With a team of support behind them, residents acquire skills on how to keep a clean home, meal plan, and navigate transportation. Through our care management services, residents are connected with work opportunities and day programs.

“Since moving into the Shupin Community, our son is noticeably more patient, centered, independent, and receptive to doing things on his own. The staff is very competent, caring, and respectful of him. While they are helping him foster his independence, social, and job skills, they aren’t out to change who he is as a person.”—A resident’s mother

Developing Independent Living Skills

Our caring and experienced staff work closely with residents on acquiring skills—whether it is opening up a bank account, setting and maintaining a budget, going to the grocery store, taking public transportation, laundering clothing, dressing for work, planning and cooking meals, or a variety of other activities of daily living.

All Shupin Community residents have access to:

  • Behavioral consultation
  • Care management
  • Community-resource liaison
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Financial management
  • Friendly visits by volunteers
  • Health care coordination
  • Independent-living skills group
  • Instruction in daily living skills and leisure activities
  • Menu and dietary planning
  • Participation in Jewish communal life
  • Recreational programming
  • Social club activities
  • 24-hour, on-call access to services

Qualified candidates:

  • Can independently complete Activities of Daily Living (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, and grooming)
  • Want to live an independent life outside of their family’s home
  • Can participate in a group setting
  • Can emotionally regulate with minimal support
  • Do not have a recent history of aggression

“I’m seeing so much more independence from Daniel. When he was with us over the weekend and we were preparing dinner, he volunteered and proceeded to cut up the fruit. He’s never done that before. He also seems to notice people’s feelings more and anticipate more what might be needed. These may just be a few of the little things but are so important on his journey to living life more fully.”—A resident’s father

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Who Was Gary Shupin?

Gary Shupin was an adult with developmental disabilities who lived life to the fullest. He worked, enjoyed the love and caring of friends and family, and for 18 years lived in an apartment in the building named after him. When he passed away several years ago, his family—including his uncle, Gerson Bakar, and mother, Barbara Shupin—wished to honor his legacy and spirit by donating the building to JFCS in order to create this wonderful new resource for Bay Area families. Their hope was that other young adults with developmental disabilities could lead independent lives to the fullest extent possible.

Gerson Bakar Tribute—Gary Shupin Independent Living Community from JFCS.

Gary Shupin Independent Living Community, a division of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, is made possible by the leadership support of the Barbara and Gerson Bakar Foundation.  

Major support is provided by Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of California/Terry and John Levin. Additional support is provided by the Barbara Shupin Fund for Independent Living; Terry & John Levin Endowed Fund for Persons with Disabilities; Seymour & Frances Friedman Endowment Fund; Fred M. & Nancy Livingston Levin Fund for Adults with Disabilities; Jessica & Zach Whyman Fund and generous donations, fees. 

To learn more about JFCS’ services to our community or to support JFCS’ Disability Services and Gary Shupin Independent Living Community, please contact Barbara Farber at [email protected] or 415-449-3858. 

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  • Director of Disability Services
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