Adoption ConnectionJFCS’ adoption agency, Adoption Connection, has been a fully licensed, nonprofit adoption agency since 1985. The adoption agency’s mission is to make sure all babies are happy; it completes more than 100 adoptions annually and many more adoption home studies in California each year.

Adoption Connection is licensed to work with birth parents (women and their partners who are considering placing a baby with an adoptive family of their choice) throughout the United States and adoptive parents in 19 counties in Northern California. Since its inception, the agency has completed more than 3,000 infant adoptions.

Adoption Connection understands that families come in many varieties. We welcome couples and individuals of all ages, of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, and of all sexual orientations.

Adoption Connection helps:

  • Women who are pregnant, or just given birth, find loving families for their babies
  • Adoptive parents complete their required home study in order to be legally ready to welcome home an infant
  • Connect the birth and the adoptive family with a comprehensive marketing, advertising, and outreach program
  • Complete all the legal work necessary to complete a smooth open agency adoption
  • Educate birth and adoptive parents about the opportunities and process of open adoption through workshops, webinars, supportive counseling, and other resources

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