Care Management

When facing a chronic illness, a health emergency, or struggling with a disability, Seniors At Home care management works to identify you or your loved ones goals, and finds and initiates the specific support services that will enhance well-being.

Care management improves patient care and often reduces the need for medical services by helping clients and caregivers manage their health conditions.

When faced with the array of choices and challenging health care decisions, care managers provide support to find right solutions. From needs assessments and personal care plans to matched caregivers and ongoing support, we ensure older adults’ safety, security, and independence. We coordinate all the details—often in conjunction with physicians and medical groups—so our clients can be at ease.

Care Management may include:

  • Providing counseling
  • Addressing issues of social support
  • Completing applications for financial assistance and government programs
  • Determining eligibility for transportation assistance
  • Supplying money management assistance
  • Evaluating housing needs and assisting with housing choices (including moving coordination)
  • Making recommendations for home care options
  • Providing volunteer visitors to reduce isolation and increase well-being
  • Coordinating all of these services with family, caregivers, physicians, and other community and health care providers

Care Management can bring great ease and relief. Don’t wait, contact Seniors At Home to schedule a personalized intake interview to find out how we can assist you and your loved ones.

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