Last year at JFCS, more than 80,000 people in San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties received the help they needed to solve the problems in their lives.

250 babies found new homes and families to love them through our Adoption Connection.

120 young adults and their families with disabilities found support, independence and a warm and welcoming community at The Shupin Independent Living Community.

140 abused women and children who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness were helped to start new lives.

400 individuals and their families were comforted through JFCS’ Spiritual Care Services, Healing and Bereavement Services, Palliative Care Services, and our End Of Life Care for the very ill.

100 refugees became new U.S. citizens with the help of our Legal Services Department’s naturalization service.

545 teens received counseling, paid internships, and loans and grants to go to college or study in Israel, and benefited from Jewish educational programs that help them look forward to a brighter future through JFCS’ YouthFirst.

900 individuals and families found jobs, training, and health care through JFCS’ Social Enterprise Programs and Emergency Family Assistance programs.

490 individuals received help with information and referral, green cards, political asylum, conservatorship, benefit claims, and Holocaust survivor restitution applications from JFCS’ Legal Services.

1,500 children, teens and adults with disabilities were able to live as independently as possible with the help of our Disabilities Services and Center for Special Needs.

2,000 volunteers performed thousands of acts of loving kindness—visiting people who are sick or alone, delivering food,  driving people to doctors’ appointments, helping victims of domestic violence, mentoring young people, teaching about the Holocaust, supporting JFCS and more—to help make this a more compassionate world.

5,000 lesbian and gay individuals and their families received counseling, adoption services, parenting support, bereavement, and senior care.

1,200 at-risk children at childcare centers and Bay Area schools received the help they need to grow up successfully through JFCS Early Childhood Programs and parent guidance services.

2,500 families were given emergency assistance to help them weather a personal or family crisis and get back on their feet.

4,100 gifts of wonderful holiday foods were delivered to seniors and people with disabilities living alone or in nursing homes and assisted-living centers throughout the Bay Area.

17,000 frail seniors live safe, healthy lives because of help from JFCS’ nationally-recognized Seniors At Home, including home care, skilled nursing, dementia care, fiduciary services, transportation, care coordination, social programs, companionship, bereavement help and expert services for the adult children and families of aging parents.

20,000 students and teachers in 145 Northern California public, private, and parochial schools and colleges learned the lessons of the Holocaust from those who lived through it, thanks to programs offered at JFCS’ Holocaust Center.

21,000 children, teens, and families throughout the Bay Area were assisted through individual and family counseling, the Center for Special Needs, peer support groups, parent education, webinars, seminars, anti-bullying workshops, teacher training, and mentor programs through Parents Place.

35,000 rides were provided to frail elderly and people with disabilities through JFCS RIDES transportation programs, allowing them to get out and about, visit their doctors, or do their shopping.

45,000 delicious and nutritious meals were delivered to homebound seniors and people with severe illnesses and disabilities.

460,000 hours of loving personal care were provided to frail and isolated adults, including home care,  help with shopping, cooking and cleaning, skilled nursing, trained para-professional volunteer help, and expert support.

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