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Rhoda Goldman Plaza is JFCS’ partner for senior living. Established in 2000 by JFCS and the Mt. Zion Health Fund, Rhoda Goldman Plaza has become San Francisco’s premiere assisted living and memory care community.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s airy, light-filled lobby and apartments are complemented by tenured, courteous staff and exceptional chef-prepared cuisine. It offers a wide range of social and cultural programs as well as a specialized memory care community.

As a senior community built on Jewish values, Rhoda Goldman Plaza partners closely with JFCS and welcomes residents of all faiths.

Everything in One Place

Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s beautiful complex is adjacent to JFCS’ offices in San Francisco, which means that our senior care teams communicate and operate as one. Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents can easily access additional services provided by JFCS’ Seniors At Home, including care management, spiritual care, palliative care, counseling, money management, and conservatorship.

Seniors At Home clients and their families can also benefit from Rhoda Goldman Plaza’s respite services when caregivers need time off or when recovering from an illness or hospitalization. And if you have received care at home but decide to relocate to Rhoda Goldman Plaza, Seniors At Home can continue to provide the exact same services to you in your new location to carry on a seamless continuum of care.

Learn more about the full range of senior care services JFCS provides: call us today at 415-449-3777.

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  • 2180 Post Street
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