Shupin Social Club

A connection to community is vital to everyone’s well-being.

That is why JFCS’ Shupin Community created the Shupin Social Club.

The Shupin Social Club is a group of neurodiverse young adults that come together weekly to meet, interact, and have fun in the community. Each Social Club activity takes place either in the Bay Area or online. All of our events are inspired by the interests of the members. Club members feel included, build self-esteem, gain self-confidence, and create friendships that last a lifetime.

Learn more about the Shupin Social Club

Contact Ryan Berman, Gary Shupin Residence and Social Club Coordinator, at (415) 449-3805 or [email protected].

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Activities and Events

The Shupin Social Club offers an array of exciting and engaging group events. From gardening to yoga, Club members participate in indoor and outdoor activities designed to facilitate social interaction and foster teamwork. Click here for the Shupin Social Club calendar of events.

Buddy/Mentor Program

The Shupin Social Club pairs neurotypical adults in our community with neurodivergent Club members. The pairs spend one-on-one quality time together–enjoying walks, museums, cooking, movies, card games, getting coffee, and other activities that lead to meaningful friendships.

Holiday Get-Togethers

At the Shupin Social Club, we celebrate the Jewish holidays together and enjoy latkes at Hanukkah, apples, and honey for the New Year, and a Family Seder during Passover. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds to join our celebrations.

Learn more about the Shupin Social Club

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Do you know someone who might benefit from the Shupin Social Club? Contact Ryan Berman, Director of Disability Services, at (415) 449-3805 or [email protected].

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  • Ryan Berman, MSW
  • Director of Disability Services
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