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Children learn, grow, and thrive when their parents are involved and educated about how to handle the many issues that come with child rearing. Through Parents Place, the parent education arm of our Center for Children and Youth, we offer expert parenting support to help your family flourish.

Parents, caregivers, and professionals learn essential skills and receive a roadmap to help navigate all the developmental stages—from infancy to the teen years.

Workshops and Webinars

Parents Place offers dozens of dynamic workshops and webinars each month concerning everything from behavior and temperament to discipline and limit-setting to separation and divorce. Catering to parents and caregivers of newborns, teens, and every age in between, our interactive workshops are led by experienced educators, clinicians, and other professionals. You can also host a workshop at your own location.

Consultations and Coaching

Unsure how to handle an issue with your child? Our experts are here for you.

Get expert advice and strategies from our experienced Parent Educators—from sleep issues to sibling rivalry, to learning challenges and more. Whether you come in for a parent consultation or coaching session just once or several times, at the end of each visit, you will have useful information and strategies that are immediately helpful in addressing your main concerns.

Visit JFCS’ Center for Children and Youth website to learn more about how Parents Place can help your family >

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