Adults & Families

JFCS is here for you in your time of need. We can help you and other individuals and couples seeking assistance to make your lives better. We have caring counselors and other professionals on staff who possess a high level of expertise and a broad range of experiences, and we offer a depth and breadth of programs and services focused on strengthening our clients’ lives, whether they are parents and children, adults and couples, members of the LGBT community, seniors, emigres, people with disabilities, and individuals and families in need of emergency assistance and/or food.

Some example scenarios of the many ways in which JFCS counseling is prepared to help you:

  • You need help managing a family matter or an unanticipated crisis, such as a job loss.
  • You’re a newly widowed mother struggling with loneliness and the stresses of single parenthood.
  • You’re a person with disabilities trying to find resources in your community.
  • You’re a member of the “sandwich generation,” struggling to maintain your calm and equanimity as you try to balance the growing needs of your elderly parents with those of your growing children.


San Francisco Office
Miriam Schultz Grunfeld Professional Building
2150 Post St. (between Scott and Pierce)

Palo Alto Office
Koret Family Resource Center
200 Channing Avenue

San Mateo Office
Eleanor Haas Koshland Center
2001 Winward Way, Suite 200

San Rafael Office
Dr. George Sugarman Swift Building
600 5th Ave.

Santa Rosa Office
2200 Range Ave., Suite 102

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