Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund serves as your own private “mini-foundation,” providing a streamlined way to achieve your charitable goals.

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Note: When searching for JFCS through an external Donor Advised Fund portal, please use our tax ID number (94-1156528) or our San Francisco mailing address (PO Box 159004, San Francisco, CA 94115). Please contact us with any questions!


Setting up a Donor Advised Fund at JFCS

How it works:

  • Establish your Fund with a gift to JFCS of $10,000 or more in cash, securities, or property through a simple agreement
  • JFCS invests the funds prudently
  • Make grant recommendations to support JFCS or other qualifying charities (minimum $100) online or by email

Your benefits include:

  • Immediate income tax deduction for assets contributed to your Fund at any time
  • Choose which charities to support now or over time
  • Potential capital gains tax avoidance for appreciated assets
  • JFCS manages the administration and financial reporting of your Fund
  • Fund assets grow tax-free and are professionally managed

NOTE:  Distributions from a Donor Advised Fund cannot be used to pay for tickets to an event.


As with other important financial decisions, you may want to consult legal and financial professionals for advice.

Contact Us to Start Your Donor Advised Fund

Barbara Farber

Director of Development and the Endowment Fund


[email protected] Tax ID Number: 94-1156528

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