Named Endowment Funds

With this endowment  vehicle you name the Fund and designate its use and it will exist in perpetuity to honor your foresight.

Often established in honor or memory of a loved one, a Named Fund may be earmarked for a special cause important to that person. JFCS will invest these Funds to ensure that they will keep giving in perpetuity. A Named Fund may be established with a minimum gift of $2,500.

carob tree

Make a Match: The Carob Tree Society

Named Fund gifts of $10,000 or more (which may be paid over four years) will be recognized as Carob Tree Society Named Funds, and receive a $3,600 match.




Benefits to Establishing a Named Fund:

  • Receive a personalized report each year describing the Fund’s investment performance and the use of the Fund’s proceeds during that year.
  • Receive an immediate income tax deduction for the full value of the charitable gift. You can also bypass capital gains taxes on appreciated securities.
  • Remember a loved one or commemorate a special occasion in a way that will serve others long into the future. Carry on your family name in a spirit of loving kindness through the specific programs or services you choose to endow.
  • Promote philanthropy within your family and teach tzedakah to your children and grandchildren through your Named Fund.
  • If you choose, JFCS can create a custom web page that details your reasons and inspiration for creating your Fund. This is especially meaningful in the case of Funds established in honor or memory of a loved one.
  • Announcements of the creation of the Fund can be sent to family and friends, upon request.


By creating an endowed Named Fund you are helping JFCS to fulfill a promise for tomorrow—a promise that our agency will always be there to provide crucial, life-saving services for the vulnerable and dependent in our community.

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