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RJeneration SF is a Bay Area community of young adults who emigrated from the former Soviet Union as children. “Rjens” share a second culture and language, a Jewish heritage, Russian roots and a defining experience of immigration and assimilation.

RJen members (mainly in their 20s, 30s, and 40s) come together to share, learn, volunteer and socialize. Through their interests and shared experiences, the community hosts social and educational programs like mixers, lectures, panels, film and book discussions, heritage trips, and more.

Some common signs that the RJen community might be a right fit for you:

•    Your parents speak to you in Russian and you answer them in English
•    You had to figure out being Jewish while you were busy figuring out being American
•    You’re not comfortable speaking Russian because you can’t fully express yourself without switching to English
•    You’ve had the thought before, “Wouldn’t it be great to read Dostoevsky in Russian?”
•    You’re a highly assimilated “Russian-in-hiding” and have spent most of your life avoiding Russian gatherings
•    You may know some Russian-Jewish-American “hybrids” like yourself, but never had a community to interact together

Get involved! Contact Masha Gutkin at [email protected].

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