Citizenship Services

We offer all of our citizenship services remotely by phone or Zoom, but we can also arrange to meet in-person at our offices. Please request a consultation on our website or call us at 415-449-2917 to schedule an appointment. We have Russian-speaking and Spanish-speaking staff available to assist you.

JFCS’ Legal Services Department has helped thousands of refugees and immigrants from various countries become U.S. citizens. We help in the following ways:


JFCS’ Legal Services Department helps to screen eligible lawful permanent residents (LPRs) for naturalization and then assists them with preparing and filing the citizenship application, Form N-400.

Representation at USCIS Interviews

JFCS has an immigration attorney on staff who is available to accompany clients to their naturalization interviews. Many clients who have complex citizenship cases benefit from having an attorney appear at the USCIS interview. The JFCS attorney can help to advise, explain complex issues, and protect the rights of an applicant during their interview with the USCIS officer.

Medical Waivers for Disabilities

Many clients are unable to meet the English language or US History and Civics requirements of the citizenship exam. If you are seeking citizenship and have a disability, it may be possible for JFCS to assist you in getting a waiver of these requirements by filing Form N-648. Our staff can help guide clients with disabilities through the citizenship process, which can be even more difficult when requesting an accommodation or waiver.

Evaluate Criminal History

Our Legal Services staff are well versed in criminal law, and they can help to evaluate whether a previous arrest or criminal incident will pose problems when applying for citizenship. We can also assist clients in procuring the proper documents they will need to submit to USCIS regarding any prior contact with law enforcement.

Citizenship Classes

Ongoing citizenship classes:

  • English Language Citizenship Classes, led by a bilingual (Russian and English) instructor, to review material covered in the naturalization interview and to prepare for the interview. Preregistration is not required. Classes are offered remotely via Zoom. Please email [email protected] or call 415-449-2906 for more information.

  • Individual volunteer tutoring for USCIS interviews may also be available.

For more information about citizenship classes and tutoring, please contact Legal Services at 415-449-2906; [email protected].

To receive more information or an intake form to schedule a consultation, contact Brett Snider below. For those not ready to apply for citizenship or who need help with other immigration matters, please review our immigration legal services.

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JFCS naturalization services are made possible by funding from generous individual donors; the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services; the San Francisco Pathways to Citizenship Initiative; and the Bigglesworth Family Foundation.

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