Tad and Dianne Taube Are Building a Strong Jewish Future
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Tad Taube and his wife, Dianne, have been longtime supporters of JFCS and models of philanthropy for the entire community. Because of their generous contributions over the years, thousands of individuals and families have found help in times of personal crises or challenges.

Now, with the establishment of JFCS’ Taube Family Emergency Assistance Fund, the Taubes are ensuring that our community will have a safety net for years to come. The fund, which the Taubes wish to inspire others to give to as well, will provide essential help through food, financial aid, mental health counseling, and personalized case management services.

Tad and Dianne Taube

Tad and Dianne Taube, longtime supporters of JFCS, established the Taube Family Emergency Assistance Fund to ensure that neighbors in crisis have access to life-saving support.

“My history is a history of survival, and the reason I survived is because I had help from other people,” says Tad, reflecting on why helping others has been such a priority for him over the years. “I’m very cognizant that and it’s been a lesson to me in my life’s work.” 

A History of Survival

In 1939, Tad’s parents left their comfortable home in Poland for a business trip to New York. Aware of the looming threat from Nazi Germany, they sent for eight-year-old Tad to join them. Tad, who traveled with a family friend, left just in time—Hitler invaded Poland weeks later.

When the Taubes arrived in California, Tad’s parents—who were respected professionals in Poland—took menial jobs and began networking as they rebuilt their lives. Ultimately, young Tad found the first big break when he was cast in a series of war propaganda films in Hollywood.

Tad quit acting to focus on his education, eventually graduating from Stanford University, but his entrepreneurial spirit remained. Tad’s business acumen and determination has led him to great success over the years, and, together with his wife, Dianne, the couple have become impactful philanthropic leaders in the Bay Area, in Poland, and all over the world.

A Legacy for Generations to Come

This year, Tad and Dianne created the Taube Family Emergency Assistance Fund at JFCS with an eye towards his legacy. 

Dianne says the couple entrusted JFCS with this legacy because they saw firsthand the lifechanging impact of JFCS’ coordinated services when they referred friends for help. 

“I remember one of my friends was going through a terrible time and JFCS helped her with financial counseling, mental health counseling, and all the building blocks she needed to get back on her feet,” Dianne recalls. 

Tad Taube with Dr. Anita Friedman

Tad Taube with Dr. Anita Friedman

While Tad and Dianne want to make sure such help is available in times of community crisis—including fires, economic crises, and pandemics—they also view emergency assistance as essential for the personal crises people face every day. 

“There are always going to be people who are a step away from being homeless and devastated, and JFCS gives them a lifeline to get back on track,” says Dianne.  

Leading the Way to a Strong Jewish Future

Building a strong and resilient Jewish community is at the core of Tad and Dianne’s incredible philanthropic work. In addition to their emergency assistance fund, the Taubes have also made a substantial contribution to JFCS’ capital campaign to build our community’s one and only Holocaust Center in San Francisco.

“Jewish survival has always been front and center for me,” says Tad, who has led and contributed to many initiatives to preserve Jewish history around the world—including the Polin museum in Krakow and Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. 

The new JFCS Holocaust Center building will play a crucial role in expanding Holocaust and genocide education and remembrance in Northern California. Tad knows that with antisemitism rising all around us, there is no greater tool than Holocaust education to build empathy in young people and stop the rise of hate. This is “critical,” Tad has said, “because Americans are remembering less and less about the war and the lessons of the Holocaust.”

Building a Culture of Giving

Tad admits that his through his outstanding philanthropic work, he aspires to do even more than build a strong Jewish future. He wants to inspire others to do the same.

 “When we do philanthropic things, not only are we helping people directly, we are also setting an example,” Tad says.

“JFCS is part of the mission we’re all on—the mission of helping each other survive, thrive, and move forward in life. Giving back in this way is something we should all aspire to do.” 

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Posted by Admin on September 26, 2023