In the Face of Loss, JFCS’ Israeli-American Volunteers Deliver a Vital Connection
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When COVID-19 hit the Bay Area, Israeli-American Jessica Hare knew she wanted to do something to help keep older adults safe. She immediately started looking for ways to volunteer and reached out to her friends at the Israeli American Council for ideas. They pointed her to JFCS, and after her first conversation with the volunteer coordinator, she knew JFCS was the right fit. Born in Washington, D.C., Jessica grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. The decision to move back to the US came when her husband received an opportunity to temporarily relocate to the Bay Area for work. With two… Read More

Posted by Admin on July 1, 2020
A Young Woman’s Journey Through Illness, Orthodox Conversion, and Marriage
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JFCS’ Jewish Chaplaincy Services featured on Unorthodox podcast  At the age of 25, Vy Nguyen was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of cancer. Vy had been raised Buddhist, but when a Buddhist hospital chaplain told her that her cancer was caused by “bad karma”, she decided to meet with chaplains of other faiths. One of them was Chaplain Bruce Feldstein, MD, BCC, founder and director of JFCS’ Jewish Chaplaincy Services serving Stanford Medicine, and Adjunct Clinical Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine.While it is the doctor’s job to cure a patient’s disease, Chaplain Feldstein… Read More

Posted by Admin on June 16, 2020
Transforming the Future for Children and Families: JFCS Launches New Center for Children and Youth Website
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As families continue to endure the effects of disruption and uncertainty, JFCS’ Center for Children and Youth has launched a new website to guide them through. The largest initiative JFCS has ever undertaken in our 170-year history, the Center for Children and Youth is transforming the way children’s mental health needs are addressed with the latest international research, evidence-based treatments, parent education, and advocacy for public policy that help families thrive. The website features video advice from clinicians, expert resources from JFCS’ Parents Place, and resources for schools, clinicians, and policymakers. It also includes dedicated support for families as they… Read More

Posted by Admin on June 11, 2020
Coupling During COVID-19: A Therapist’s Advice for Walking in Each Other’s Shoes
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By Robyn Bloom, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at JFCS Sheltering in place during a pandemic presents a particular—and in many cases brand new—set of challenges for couples. I am guessing you have had moments of anxiety, stress, joy, challenges, losses, silver linings, disappointments, and a myriad of other experiences. Any small differences in your relationship may feel amplified, and you may be struggling in new ways or re-visiting perpetual problems.As a therapist who works with all types of couples, my advice right now is this: it has never been more important for you to deepen your understanding… Read More

Posted by Admin on May 22, 2020
Even During a Pandemic, JFCS’ Adoption Connection Helps Families Grow
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Candace Sue and Rob Hofmeister knew their second adoption might come with some challenges. The couple adopted their daughter, Violet, nine years ago and were prepared for the occasional hiccups that can come with the adoption process. What the couple didn’t anticipate was that their adoption would involve a 1,700-mile road trip during a global pandemic. All the preparations had been made, and the family’s home study completed, when the shelter-in-place requirement went into effect. It was then, in late March, that the Bay Area family received a call from JFCS’ Adoption Connection that put them in touch with a… Read More

Posted by Admin on May 22, 2020
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