JFCS’ Center for Dementia Care Guides Families from Crisis to Connection
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For decades, Alice took pride in preparing gourmet meals for her husband, Joe. When Alice’s memory declined and she forgot most evenings to cook, Joe didn’t have the heart to raise the issue. Their weight and health began to suffer.

Worried, Alice and Joe’s daughters looked for help. A friend at synagogue referred them to JFCS.

senior couple

JFCS supports older adults like Alice and Joe through dementia, relocation, and all the transitions of aging.

JFCS’ Center for Dementia Care created a “care circle” for Alice, educating her family, friends, and even her house cleaner about memory loss and how to help. Alice resisted each step in the process, but JFCS built her trust. Finally, Alice accepted that receiving care did not mean losing her independence. She and Joe moved into Rhoda Goldman Plaza, JFCS’ premier senior living community. JFCS supported every step, from touring to ensuring a smooth transition. In their new home, Alice and Joe are both benefitting from the skilled care and vibrant community that Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers.

“JFCS’ guidance and constant support have been a relief for our whole family,” Alice’s daughters write. “Thank you for everything.”

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Posted by Admin on January 20, 2023