Volunteers Are at the Heart of JFCS’ Food Bank
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Thanks to generous donations and dedicated volunteers, JFCS Food Banks are able to serve thousands in our community every year. We are thrilled to welcome Jill Kulick, Marian Sosnick, and Sara Green as our new Peninsula Food Bank chairs! These three dedicated women devote their time to volunteering at the JFCS Food Bank and supporting our community in many ways.

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Food Bank chairs Jill Kulick, Sara Green, Marian Sosnick, and Ayelet Litany, JFCS Volunteer Manager

For Jill Kulick, the thought of hunger in her backyard was gut-wrenching. She knew she wanted to help however she could. During the pandemic, Jill had been donating to her synagogue’s food drive when her friend introduced her to JFCS’ Food Bank. Jill saw how quickly the need in the community was growing and jumped in to help.

With JFCS’ Food Bank, I know our food and cash donations go directly to clients who have an immediate need. They have a support system with JFCS.”—Jill

Marian Sosnick has been involved with the JFCS Food Bank for six years. Like Jill, a friend introduced her to JFCS’ program and Marian became a volunteer almost immediately when she saw the impact the Food Bank made on those in need.

“It feels so good helping people who live in our community.”—Marian

Sara Green started volunteering with JFCS Holocaust Center and at JFCS’ San Mateo office over five years ago. After one of JFCS’ holiday food drives, Sara was at the office and saw there were multiple barrels filled with donated foods. The items needed to be separated, marked with an expiration date, organized, and put onto the Food Bank shelves. Sara offered her help that day—and she is still organizing for JFCS five years later.

Being part of the JFCS Food Bank allows me to be of service in the Jewish community, help others, give back and pay forward; all of which plays an important role in my life.—Sara

Thank you to Jill, Marian, Sara, and the thousands of JFCS volunteers who dedicate their time and their hearts to helping our community!

Want to help? Visit jfcs.org/volunteer to find an opportunity that fits your skills and schedule.

Or, donate now to support those who are struggling in our community.

Posted by Admin on April 21, 2022