Isaiah Buffett-Davis Memorial Fund
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Harvey and Shelley Davis z’l—May their memories be for a blessing.

Harvey and Shelley Davis

Harvey and Shelley Davis

The Isaiah Buffett-Davis Memorial Fund, created and named in loving memory of Shelley Davis’s stillborn grandson, provides assistance—both financial and practical—to at-risk pregnant women and their families. This support may include services such as counseling and help with household tasks, including cooking, cleaning and shopping, and childcare.

Shelley Davis used the occasion of her birthday in 1999 to establish a named continuity fund in memory of her beloved grandson, Isaiah Buffett-Davis, who had recently been stillborn. Noting that the Chinese character for “crisis” is also the character for “opportunity,” Shelley reflects that the greatest sorrows of our lives can have great value as well, providing the opportunity to advance in understanding and to create something meaningful from the pain.


Marc and Wendy with their daughter Maya

Although Isaiah’s time on earth was far too brief, he was surrounded by love from the time of his conception–by his parents, Dr. Wendy Buffett and Dr. Marc Davis, his sister Maya, and his grandparents, Shelley and Harvey Davis. The entire family remains most grateful for the overwhelming support and love offered by their family, friends, and the Jewish community of Beyt Tikkun throughout this extremely difficult time. Through this fund, Isaiah’s memory is kept alive in perpetuity and he will continue to do good in this world even though he is not physically a part of it.

Shared from the Heart
The morning glory blooms but for an hour
And yet it differs not at heart
From the giant pine
That lives for a thousand years.

Teitoku Matsunaga, a 16th century Japanese poet

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