Domestic Violence: JFCS Provides the Bay Area’s Most Comprehensive Services to Victims of All Ages
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Our lives can feel upside down or even unlivable if someone seeks to harm us through bullying or deliberate behaviors to maintain a pattern of power and control—the definition of domestic violence. That’s why every day JFCS’ programs work to prevent cycles of abuse so that children, teens, adults, and seniors have the support they need to make healthy choices, leave abuse behind, and live their best lives. For Domestic Violence Survivors, Leaving Is Just the Beginning JFCS’ Dream Program changes the cycle of abuse by providing critically needed support to women and their children so they can rebuild their… Read More

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2018
Solving Homelessness—JFCS Expands Domestic Violence Services
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Once survivors of domestic violence take the courageous step to leave their abuser, they face an uphill climb to self-sufficiency. Homelessness, trauma, debt, and few job skills can create unsurmountable hurdles to creating a new life—oftentimes leading them back to their abuser. That’s why JFCS’ Dream Program helps women and their children with not only finding stable long-term housing, but with a multitude of other wrap-around services and support necessary to get them back on their feet. JFCS recently expanded its Dream Program to offer more housing and services to an increased number of families who have survived domestic violence.… Read More

Posted by Admin on May 10, 2017
Meet A Fabulous Leader: Kerri Lehmann
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Kerri Lehmann was a young working mother when she first walked into JFCS’ Parents Place. What she found was great parenting advice and connections with other parents while she was juggling the demands of career and family life. Fast forward two decades—Kerri is now an ardent and instrumental JFCS leader who is serving in her fourth year on the JFCS Board of Directors and she co-chaired this year’s Fammy Awards Gala along with her husband Mark. Her warmth and magnetic personality made this year’s event a wildly successful one. But it was Kerri’s drive and enthusiasm to do even… Read More

Posted by Admin on August 9, 2016
THANK YOU! $40,000 Goal Exceeded Supporting Dream House
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Thanks to donations from more than 300 people, we raised $41,364 for emergency funds for JFCS’ Dream House in June.

Victims of domestic violence will receive help with childcare, medical, and legal costs.

Find out more about the campaign >

Posted by Admin on July 9, 2015
Gabrielle’s Story
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Gabrielle had so much going for her: a strong mind, a caring heart, and a warm demeanor. But no amount of intelligence or sweetness could save her from the abuse that she suffered from the time she was a child. Sexually assaulted by her father and emotionally and physically maltreated by both of her parents, she ran away at 16 to pursue an education. But as she sought to improve her life, she met men who promised her love and security, but instead beat her brutally and sapped her of her spirit. At 17, Gabrielle became pregnant by one of… Read More

Posted by Admin on April 23, 2012
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