Evelyn Danforth-Scott and Mitchel Scott Continue a Family Tradition of Kindness
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Evelyn Danforth-Scott and Mitchel Scott

When Evelyn Danforth-Scott and Mitchel Scott celebrated their marriage this fall, gifts from friends and family established the Danforth-Scott Family Fund at JFCS.

What can make a wedding day even more joyful? For Evelyn Danforth-Scott, daughter of longtime JFCS friends Gay and Carl Grunfeld, and Mitchel Scott, the answer was including a way to give back to their community.

The caring couple invited guests to make a charitable gift to the Danforth-Scott Family Fund, their new Named Endowment Fund at Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

The couple’s generous act followed the example of Gay and Carl, who requested charitable gifts as part of their own 2004 wedding. Gifts established a JFCS Named Endowment Fund, the Grunfeld Family Fund for Children’s Services, and provided additional funding for the Children’s Waiting Room at the San Francisco Civic Center and Hall of Justice Courthouses.

“We were thrilled when Evie and Mitchel told us they wanted to include a donation option,” says Gay, who recalls that her own father was profoundly moved that she and Carl chose to request donations in lieu of presents for their wedding.

“Having been on the board of JFCS for many years, I understand how the endowment is vital to sustaining essential services during difficult times, such as recessions or pandemics,” says Carl. “Every year, Gay and I make both an annual gift to support JFCS’ current services and an endowment gift to support future services.”

Gay and Carol Grunfeld

Gay and Carl Grunfeld established the Grunfeld Family Fund for Children’s Services as part of their wedding in 2004.

Both couples chose to focus their Named Endowment Funds on JFCS services close to their hearts. The Danforth-Scott Family Fund is supporting immigration services and the JFCS Food Banks. The Grunfeld Family Fund for Children’s Services ensures children whose families cannot afford services receive expert help with mental health, learning, and behavioral challenges.

“Mitchel and I were deeply touched that our friends and family members made gifts in our honor to JFCS,” says Evie. “Knowing our fund will help to provide expert legal services and needed food to people during times of hardship is a gift we will forever cherish.”

We wish Evie and Mitchel a lifetime blessed with love, health, happiness, and community.

For information about creating a Named Endowment Fund, please click here or contact Barbara Farber, Director of Development and the Endowment Fund, at 415-449-3858 or [email protected].

Posted by Admin on December 21, 2021