No-Interest Pandemic Loans Are Part of JFCS’ Coordinated System of Care
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Nora, a single mother, has worked hard to build a small but highly regarded local business while raising her only son. In late 2019, Nora was overjoyed to purchase her first home. Almost immediately, the coronavirus pandemic hit and Nora feared having to shut her business down altogether. She spent the next six months struggling to make her mortgage payments, covering her son’s college tuition, and using her credit cards to stay afloat. The financial stress was taking a toll on Nora: she would often stay up all night with crippling anxiety.

Nora and son

A friend who had heard about JFCS’ Pandemic Recovery No-Interest Loans encouraged Nora to contact JFCS for help. When Nora finally called and heard a caring voice on the other end of the line, she broke down in tears.

With Covid cases spiking and the state in lockdown once again, thousands of people like Nora have called JFCS for help. According to Michelle Lamphere, Director of JFCS’ Financial Aid Center, many people are suffering in silence for too long before reaching out. “We’re hearing from people who have tried so hard to make ends meet during this crisis—depleting their savings, accumulating debt, and ultimately struggling emotionally or physically as a result,” she says.

In 2021, JFCS continues our coordinated pandemic recovery services in response to the rising number of families who have been impacted by this crisis. Through the Pandemic Recovery No-Interest Loans and Grants program, families find a financial safety net in addition to access to a wide range of services all in one place. Michelle says, “We want people to know that help is available to them now. No one in our community has to struggle alone.”

Nora received a no-interest Pandemic Recovery Loan from JFCS. She liked JFCS’ favorable terms: all loans are 0% interest, with a 4 months grace period and a three years repayment plan. But it wasn’t just the loan that made a difference for Nora—it was the compassionate and knowledgeable team who gave her guidance and found other ways to help. JFCS also provided teletherapy for Nora to cope with pandemic-related stress, a consultation on financial management, and awarded her son with an educational grant to help with the cost of college.

Today, Nora’s business is slowly recovering, her son is thriving, and she has lowered all her debts. She is so glad that she called JFCS to get the support she needed, and knows that she has a lifeline as this pandemic crisis continues.

Learn more about JFCS’ Pandemic Recovery Loans and Grants  or contact our Financial Aid Center directly at 415-449-1226.

If you or someone you know is struggling during the pandemic, please call the JFCS Bay Area Critical Help Line at 415-449-3700.

Since 1850, JFCS’ Loans and Grants Program has been supported by generous individuals, foundations, the business community, and JFCS‘ Named Endowment Funds. Special Pandemic Crisis Recovery Funds are made possible by The Shmunis Family Revolving Loan Fund, Kathy Fields-Rayant & Garry Rayant, The Makagon Family Revolving Loan Fund, and The Alexander S. Foundation. Additional Pandemic Recovery Funds are needed. To find out more about how to help please contact Barbara Farber at [email protected] or 415-449-3858.

Posted by Admin on January 5, 2021