Pandemic Emergency Loans and Grants Program

We know that the current coronavirus crisis will not only affect the health of our community but will leave many struggling financially. Through the JFCS Pandemic Emergency Loans and Grants program, our Financial Aid Center is here to help individuals, families, and small businesses get back on their feet.

For Small Businesses

JFCS is providing short-term, interest-free emergency loans to help small businesses bridge the costs during Shelter in Place. To meet your immediate business obligations, a JFCS loan can provide you with the financial means to meet your current cost of operations.

We will quickly process any pandemic emergency application that meets the following criteria:

  • A licensed business within our Jewish community that serves: Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo or Northern Santa Clara counties
  • Business can show it has been impacted by the coronavirus crisis
  • Can and will provide documentation on business’ immediate need
  • In need of a short-term interest-free loan up to $5,000
  • Must have a qualified guarantor for the loan

If you have questions and wish to learn more about JFCS’ Emergency Loans, call us at 415-449-1226.

For Individuals and Families

For individuals and families who have been financially impacted by the COVID19 crisis, JFCS offers emergency grants. Emergency grants are dedicated to helping with the cost of food, bills, and other essential expenses. We help you find financial assistance through our own programs, partner organizations, and government programs.

To find out more about JFCS’ Emergency Grants, call us at 415-449-1212.

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