Pandemic Recovery No-Interest Loan Program (PRNL)

The pandemic not only affected the health of our community, but it left many struggling financially. Through the JFCS PRNL program, our Financial Aid Center is here to help individuals, families, and small businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, get back on their feet.

For Individuals and Families

For those who are experiencing a temporary loss of income due to COVID–19. A JFCS PRNL can provide the funds you need to meet your larger obligations immediately and give you time to recover from the financial impact of Shelter in Place.

For Small Businesses

JFCS’ interest-free loans are available to help small businesses recover from the costs during the shutdowns. To meet your immediate business obligations, a PRNL can provide you with the financial means to meet your fixed operational costs.

PRNL Eligibility

All PRNL applications will be quickly processed if they meet the following criteria:

  • Identify as Jewish or have a Jewish affiliated licensed business
  • Located within the greater San Francisco Bay Area
  • Show that you have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis
  • Provide documentation on your immediate need
  • In need of an interest-free loan from $3,000 to $20,000 to meet your monthly expenses
  • Must have a qualified guarantor to be awarded a PRNL

All PRNL comes with a four-twelve month grace period before repaying the no-interest loan and has a three year (36 months) repayment term—always at 0% interest.

If you have questions and wish to learn more about JFCS’ no-interest loans, please call 415-449-1226 or fill out our contact form to receive a call JFCS Financial Services.


Since 1850, JFCS’ Loans and Grants Program has been supported by generous individuals, foundations, the business community, and JFCS‘ Named Endowment Funds. Special Pandemic Crisis Recovery Funds are made possible by The Shmunis Family Revolving Loan Fund, Kathy Fields-Rayant & Garry Rayant, The Makagon Family Revolving Loan Fund, and The Alexander S. Foundation. Additional Pandemic Recovery Funds are needed. To find out more about how to help please contact Barbara Farber at [email protected] or 415-449-3858.

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