The JFCS Tzedakah Guide: Actionable Ways to Make an Impact This Giving Season
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Tzedakah Guide

As a caring member of our Bay Area community, you likely know that many of our neighbors face challenges—from hunger and loneliness to emergencies, like job loss, wildfires, or sudden illness.

There are many ways you can help strengthen our community and ensure that no one struggles alone! Through these opportunities, you can help thousands of people solve problems in their lives. Read on and choose your favorite way to start helping—or get involved with them all!

Start a Social Media Fundraiser

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People like to give to people they know. Hosting a social media fundraiser is a quick and easy way to invite your family and friends to help you make an impact. Plus, 100% of donations go to JFCS! Here’s a guide on how to create your social media fundraiser.

Bring Food to JFCS Food Bank Locations

Food Bank Volunteers

Our community faces an unprecedented need for food. You can add extra items to your grocery cart and drop them off in person, shop online and have them delivered to us, or purchase grocery store gift cards. Here are food drop-off locations and a list of needed items.

Make a Plan to Give This Season

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Donations to JFCS will make lifesaving support possible for 120,000 people this year. Every gift counts! Plus, when you contribute before the end of the year, you could be eligible for a matching gift from your employer. Learn more about ways to make your gift now.

Start Volunteering

Volunteer Delivering Groceries to Senior

There are many ways to share your talents and time. Currently, volunteers are especially needed to pack groceries in our food banks, deliver food to the homebound, and make calls to isolated seniors. Get started by completing our brief volunteer application here.

Spread the Word

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Share our content on social media (we’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to help others learn about our problem-solving services. You can also help urge policymakers to increase support for our community. Follow this link to sign up for Advocacy Alerts.

Thanks for reading the JFCS Tzedakah Guide! You’ve already taken the first step in making an impact this Giving Season.

Posted by Admin on November 11, 2022