Taking Action to Provide Crucial Support for Ukrainian Aid: Dr. Yuri Veber
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As the devastation of the war in Ukraine grew, Dr. Yuri Veber felt compelled to help. Yuri and his wife, Mila, both were born in Kyiv and immigrated to the United States. Following the growing refugee crisis and watching the destruction of homes and whole neighborhoods has been heart-rending.

Yuri and Mila Veber

Yuri and Mila Veber, pictured at a past JFCS Emigre Gala, are dedicated to raising funds and awareness to aid Ukrainian refugees.

Realizing he could use his professional expertise to raise funds and heighten awareness, Yuri planned a special clinic day. His periodontal practice contacted referring dentists with this offer: Patients who had to pay out-of-pocket for needed periodontal services could receive treatment for free. In place of payment, patients would be invited to give to the JFCS Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Relief.

The warm response surpassed Yuri’s expectations.

Patients expressed gratitude both for the expert services and the chance to be part of an effort to help refugees. One patient arrived with her own donation and contributions from friends. Former patients who heard about the fundraiser dropped off checks.

Over the course of the busy day, Yuri and his colleagues learned that the Ukrainian refugee crisis resonated deeply with patients, many of whom had immigrated to the US and known war and conflict in their home countries. “We heard many stories that day,” says Yuri. “It was heartening to know that people really understand what Ukrainians are experiencing.”

Longtime friends of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, Yuri and Mila are dedicated supporters of our services for the emigre community. “So many people I know have benefited from JFCS’ services over the years and been involved in supporting the services,” he says. “The agency is always here, always helping.”

“When you make a donation, you want to trust that the nonprofit organization’s leadership will be good stewards of the gift. I have that faith in JFCS,” says Yuri.

Through Yuri’s leadership, the crucial support of his colleagues and referring dentists, and the kindness of patients and community members, this day raised meaningful funds for direct humanitarian aid. In a time of great pain, this collective generosity gives hope.

Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser to support JFCS’ Legal Services or the JFCS Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Relief? Please contact [email protected].

To make a gift to the JFCS Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Relief, click here.

Posted by Admin on March 30, 2022