Natacha Kolb: A Leader from Generation to Generation
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Natacha Kolb, who lives in Marin with her husband Marc and their two young children, continues a distinguished family history of dedication to JFCS’ work in the community. Natacha’s mother-in-law Susan Kolb is a dear friend of the organization, a highly respected community leader, and a notable former JFCS Board President. Marc’s grandmother Hannah Kolb was also deeply involved as a JFCS supporter and a leader of the Jewish community.

Natacha Kolb

Natacha Kolb

Natacha, who grew up in Brussels and Paris, was introduced to the agency by her mother-in-law almost two decades ago, when she moved to the US. Having just completed law school, Natacha initially volunteered with the agency’s immigration attorneys in the legal services program. She was inspired to get involved with the organization because of the critical educational, legal, and social services it provides to the community.

A partner in the Estate Planning and Tax groups at Sideman & Bancroft, Natacha represents high-net-worth families and individuals in estate planning and administration, business succession planning and philanthropic planning, and advises non-profit and charitable clients. As a partner and a busy mother, Natacha makes it a priority to use her free time to further the community causes she cares about.

She and Marc have become increasingly involved with JFCS over the years. The couple regularly attends the JFCS Fammy Gala, both have lent their expertise to several committees, and Natacha joined the Board of Directors in 2018. She has become a wonderful friend and committed leader of the organization.

“Coming from Europe, I was quite surprised to learn that the government sponsored social programs that I took for granted were not freely provided in the US,” said Natacha. “JFCS fills this gap by serving as a crucial safety net for those in need, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Throughout the pandemic, Natacha has been an essential leader as part of the JFCS Board of Directors, helping to guide JFCS’ pivotal response to the crisis. Her board membership provides an opportunity to use her unique skillset in service of the agency’s mission. Her legal expertise, along with her dynamic personality and sharp intellect, makes Natacha an incredible asset. An expert in endowment, nonprofit, and philanthropic law, she regularly provides legal guidance and strategic planning advice to the board and agency executives. Thanks to her professional skill, she recently and successfully helped the agency navigate complex international legal issues to secure a bequest from a former JFCS client.

Natacha continues to serve on JFCS’ Endowment Committee that is leading the agency’s $200 million endowment campaign, which has already raised well over $100 million. In order to ensure that JFCS continues to be financially viable for generations to come, and able to weather unexpected crises like the one we currently face—the Board has set endowment growth as a priority—and Natacha’s expertise greatly contributes to that effort.

Natacha’s contributions to JFCS make her work with the agency especially meaningful. “I enjoy jumping in wherever I can to help and add value as a board member,” Natacha says. She also appreciates that her board membership gives her the chance to hear more first-hand stories of those helped by the agency and to understand more directly how the services donors make possible support seniors, children, and families.

JFCS is fortunate to have Natacha’s passion, dedication, and legal talent as she continues her family’s legacy of leadership and compassionate community service.

Posted by Admin on July 15, 2020