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Services for individuals with disabilities are not always easy to find and while some organizations are reducing their services, JFCS offers one of the most comprehensive programs for individuals with disabilities and their families in Northern California. The determined young woman, Nona Miloslavsky, is living out her dreams while getting the support she needs to thrive. She was recently honored at JFCS’ Fammy Awards Gala.

Nona Miloslavsky is a spirited and determined young woman who has benefited from JFCS’ People with Disabilities Program. When Nona was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at age six, her parents knew that that their daughter would need extra care and support even as an adult. Now Nona is a resident of the Gary Shupin Independent Living Community. This warm and inviting community in the heart of San Francisco offers personalized support, vocational training and resources, financial management, personal care, coaching in social skills, and friends for a lifetime. Nona receives the daily assistance she needs and lives with a cohort of her peers as the independent young woman she is.

Last year, 1,600 people with disabilities or chronic illnesses benefited from JFCS’ People with Disabilities Program. In addition to the Gary Shupin Independent Living Community for young adults, the program helps children, adults, and seniors with services tailored to their individual needs, such as case management, counseling, meal delivery, attendant care, advocacy, and information and referrals. The ultimate result is that JFCS disabilities clients are able to maintain high levels of independence, create wonderful social networks, and lead happy and productive lives.

Partial funding is provided to JFCS’ People with Disabilities Program by individuals and foundations, including Barbara & Gerson Bakar, Terry & John Levin/Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of California, Frances & Theodore Geballe/Eucalyptus Foundation, Federation Newhouse Fund, Lana Berke Silverman Endowment Fund, Barbara Shupin Fund, and Legacy Heritage Fund.

If interested in contributing, call Barbara Farber at 415-449-3858 or email: [email protected].


Posted by Admin on March 7, 2016