JFCS Now Offers Adoption Services Across the United States
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JFCS’ adoption program, Adoption Connection, has been placing babies into adoptive families’ homes successfully for over three decades and the program has recently widened its service eligibility—opening its doors to families who want to adopt and reside anywhere in the United States. Previously Adoption Connection required that adoptive families live within one of 19 Northern California Counties.

adoptive family

Maryland couple, Barry and Heather, hold their son, Malcolm

Using the latest marketing strategies to locate birthmothers who want to make an adoption plan and by providing exceptional counseling to expectant mothers, Adoption Connection has established a reputation as a premiere adoption agency. And since adoptive parents do not need a local adoption agency to facilitate a match with a birth family, they often search nationwide to find the adoption professional that best represents their values and goals.

Adoption Connection Director, Lynne Fingerman, MSW, says, “We’ve always received requests from families who live all over the country interested in hiring our agency to help them find a baby, and the time was right to give them the opportunity to partner with us.”

An inclusive and ethical adoption agency, Adoption Connection attracts couples and individuals who want to adopt a domestic-born infant. The agency was also one of the first to welcome LGBTQ adoptive parents—making its first adoption placement with a same-sex couple in 1993.

This Spring the agency completed its first infant placement with an adoptive couple outside of California. The couple lives in Maryland and the birthmother is from the Bay Area.

“The adoption went smoothly and, as you can imagine, the adoptive parents are overjoyed,” says Lynne, “We are looking forward to completing many more adoptions. It’s our goal to make sure babies are happy and birth moms are supported as they gain stability in their lives. Expanding our services allows us to better meet those goals.”

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Posted by Admin on August 9, 2016