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JFCS Meets an Urgent Need for Those Struggling with Food Insecurity
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No one knew she needed food. Vivienne, 87, a widow, worked all her life as a Macy’s clerk and never asked anyone for help. In fact, she was one of those people who always helped others—in her synagogue, at the local hospital, or a neighbor in need. But with no children, no local family, and a failing heart, her world became smaller and smaller, and she found herself increasingly alone. At the end of every month, her refrigerator was almost empty. Only a package of bologna and a half loaf of white bread is what we found.


A longtime neighbor called us on a Monday to say they were concerned.  By that Wednesday, a JFCS social worker made a friendly home visit and listened to Vivienne’s story. When we told her the Jewish Community was here to help with home delivered meals and services to take care of her, she cried.

Food insecurity is all around us and has no barrier or prejudice—from young classmates to co-workers, or possibly even our friends who are too proud to ask for help.

Thanks to volunteer engagement, community partners, and generous donations to JFCS’ Food Banks, over 29,400 bags of groceries were delivered last year to those in our community in need of food and essentials.

Vivienne is one of thousands of individuals and families that JFCS serves in our community. The recovery is a long road, and JFCS is here to help meet the growing needs.

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If you or someone you care about needs help, please call us any time at 415-449-3700.

Posted by Admin on December 20, 2021