JFCS Leaders Urge Legislators to Expand Mental Health Support 
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“We are living in deeply traumatizing times. This is an impassioned plea to enact bills now to take care of the mental health of children across our state.” —Dr. Garry Rayant

There is overwhelming evidence that today’s youth are facing a mental health crisis. A recent ACLU survey found that 45% of California students feel depressed, while CDC data shows that mental health-related emergency room visits are up 31% for people aged 12 – 17. It is clear why the American Academy of Pediatrics has declared children’s mental health a national emergency and clear too that action needs to be taken.

As a leading provider of mental health services, JFCS’ Center for Children and Youth (CCY) is witnessing this crisis firsthand. The obvious need for action inspired CCY’s experienced advocacy team to bring community leaders of all ages together to urge for legislation that would expand youth mental health resources statewide.

CCY’s Advisory Council, which includes esteemed healthcare professionals, child development experts, and local leaders, met with policymakers in a private briefing this month. They strongly advised the passage of bills that would expand California students’ access to on-campus mental health support and build the mental health workforce—critical steps that could ultimately save lives.

Equally powerful were the voices of teens from JFCS’ YouthFirst program and young professionals from JFCS’ Koret Fellowship, who spoke passionately of the obstacles their peers experienced when trying to obtain help and the devastating consequences—such as teen suicides—of inadequate mental health resources.

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Posted by Admin on May 23, 2022