Friendly Visitors Needed for Russian Emigres
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photo of friendly visitor with seniorForm a new friendship with a Russian-speaking senior who is eagerly awaiting your visit in San Francisco!

All it takes is one hour per week for conversation, short walks, and other enjoyable activities. Not only will it brighten the senior’s life, it will make you feel great, too!

Meet the Clients

Igor*, a lively conversationalist, is nearly 90 years old and has difficulty seeing and hearing. He is however sharp as a tack and very engaged with life and its existential questions. Because of the limitations of his eyesight and hearing, he has limited ability to be out and about and in contact with people and finds his impairments quite isolating. He would love a weekly visit with a Russian speaker to discuss current events, politics, and life’s ‘big questions’ – such as human relations, happiness, and how to be a good person. The right volunteer would need to be a sensitive listener and an engaged conversationalist interested in having discussions and debates. Originally from Minsk, Igor lives in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco.

Sasha * is in the early stages of dementia and in his late 70s. After emigrating from (then) Leningrad, he worked as a research chemist on the East Coast and holds 12 patents. Now retired, he is an avid reader, especially of science fiction. He would appreciate a weekly visitor to take walks, chat, and play chess. He also enjoys light gardening and would welcome a volunteer to join him in that. Daytime visits preferred. Ideally, Tuesday or Thursday, but we can work with your schedule! A volunteer with an interest in engineering and technical know-how/curiosity would be ideal. Knowledge of Russian is not required. Sasha lives in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

Olga * is in her 60s and emigrated from the Former Soviet Union in the late 70s and is new to San Francisco, having previously lived in New York and Israel. Olga is dealing with an auto-immune illness and would appreciate a weekly visit for conversation and short walks near her home. She also has a lovely, friendly, well-behaved, long-haired Chihuahua. Visits need to be during the day, ideally around midday, when the client has the most energy. Knowledge of Russian is not required. Olga lives in the Parkside neighborhood of San Francisco.

Please contact Masha Gutkin to find out more: [email protected]; 415-449-1240.

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* Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Posted by Admin on August 1, 2017