Rekindling with Fire
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The Press Democrat

By Meg McConahey


It’s the season of soft light, when candles are flickering and hearth fires roaring. But in the aftermath of October’s firestorms, which destroyed thousands of homes in Sonoma County and shrouded the air with heavy smoke for days, many people may find themselves looking warily at those flames that used to symbolize cozy comfort and peace.

“Fire has been one of those things that keeps us warm and has always had positive memories,” said Diana Klein, director of the Sonoma County Regional service for Jewish Family Childrens Services. “But as the holiday season of fire-lit nights at home swings into high gear, people may have a new relationship around fire.”

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Posted by Admin on December 16, 2017
10 Years of Healing Childhood Emotional Challenges and Trauma
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For the past decade JFCS’ Child Training Institute (CTI) has served as an international resource and training center for mental health professionals who treat children who are dealing with emotional, psychological, and developmental challenges, as well as those who have experienced trauma. The institute has trained over a thousand mental health professionals, helping countless children and families heal and thrive.Trauma can result from a variety of experiences: chronic exposure to violence, the loss of a parent, a natural disaster, or a terrorist act. JFCS’ long history of expertise in trauma treatment includes helping Holocaust survivors, refugees, children living in… Read More

Posted by Admin on October 12, 2017
Dr. Anita Friedman Reclaims History in Father’s Shtetl
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Twelve years ago, JFCS Executive Director, Dr. Anita Friedman, visited her father’s ancestral village in the Polish countryside. Since then she has returned to Gniewoszow multiple times and joins thousands of Jews who have traveled to Poland since the fall of communism. Friedman has built relationships with the local community and helped rededicate its Jewish cemetery as she grapples with her family’s lost homeland. She is also teaching teens in the Bay Area about this important history.

Anita addressing youths

JFCS Executive Director, Dr. Anita Friedman, teaching teens from JFCS’ summer internship program about her family’s lost homeland in Poland.

JFCS is the leader in Holocaust education in Northern California, and thousands of students each year learn about the Holocaust and other genocides through the JFCS Holocaust Center.

Additionally, teens who participate in JFCS’ YouthFirst program also receive Holocaust education. Friedman recently taught teens participating in the YouthFirst summer internships about her family’s history in Gniewoszow, Poland.

The summer interns first had the chance to think about how their families’ traditions have shaped who they are as people, and then Friedman shared her family’s experiences during the Holocaust and her powerful story about returning to Gniewoszow. The students were able to see very clearly that her family history has directly informed her core values.

Read the full J Weekly story about Dr. Friedman reclaiming her history in Poland >

Anita Friedman with youth

Friedman answering students’ questions about her return to her family’s village in Poland after the Holocaust.


Posted by Admin on August 9, 2017
FAFSA Cash for College Workshops
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JFCS’ Financial Aid Center will give you the tools and hands-on support you need to submit this year’s FAFSA efficiently and accurately. WHAT YOU WILL GET:Assistance in filling out the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application at the workshop Answers to your specific financial questions by a school loans and grants expert Knowledge about other scholarships, grants, and loans, and other ways to lower your college costsCollege students of any age are welcome. We encourage all 12th graders to attend with a parent. Please bring a laptop computer. Workshops will be held at four JFCS… Read More

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2017
JFCS YouthFirst: How to Become a Successful Adult
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Nearly 100 Bay Area high school students got their first immersion into the world of work this summer through JFCS’ YouthFirst Summer Internship Program. The opportunity to participate in 20 hours of work per week, plus professional and personal development workshops, gave teens the confidence to begin to tackle bigger more complex life questions such as who am I? What are my values? And, how will I contribute in the world?Career Exploration and Skills Development As teens faced one of the toughest summer job markets on record, those accepted into YouthFirst’s competitive internship program came from 44 high… Read More

Posted by Admin on August 3, 2017
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