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Many of us get to know Jewish Family and Children’s Services when a crisis strikes. Whether it’s a child struggling with a disability, job loss, divorce, or a sick parent, one bad thing can really knock you down. JFCS gets us back up.

It happened to me when my sister’s dementia rapidly progressed. JFCS brought in trained professionals who knew how to manage her condition; her situation improved, and I was beyond relieved.



When I heard about another JFCS client who is suffering from dementia and is all on her own, I was moved to share her story with you:

Rose was in the beginning stages of dementia. When her husband suddenly died last year, she had no family left to care for her. No one knew she was having trouble until a neighbor found her wandering alone and disoriented. He tried to help and quickly learned that Rose couldn’t take care of herself. Her apartment was in disarray, she wasn’t bathing, and she could hardly dress or feed herself. He didn’t know where to turn, so he called Rose’s synagogue, who reached out to JFCS for help on her behalf.

It is contributions from donors like us that make it possible for JFCS to help people like Rose so that she doesn’t have to suffer. Rose can access help from JFCS’ Center for Dementia Care, which provides safe and kind in-home care from extremely knowledgeable staff.

Rose’s social security barely covers her rent and food. Without our help Rose will be left to struggle alone and her quality of living will take a sharp decline.

Please join me in helping JFCS clients who cannot afford care get the same expert support that my family received.

You can turn someone’s life around by doing the good thing and making a donation to JFCS today.

With gratitude,

Jeff Kevich
JFCS Donor and Client

Posted by Admin on May 8, 2017