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Do the good thing.

“Many of us in the Bay Area are doing well, and I wanted an opportunity to give back to those who aren’t. I saw how JFCS helps so many different groups of people and, through volunteering with JFCS, I get to help improve their lives.”  David, JFCS volunteer

David Carvel

Doing the good thing: David Carvel made Rosh Hashanah a sweet one for seniors who are alone.

In the Jewish tradition, isolation is one of the most painful forms of suffering. Part of JFCS’ core mission is to ensure that no one is lonely or left alone. Won’t you join us in doing that one good thing?

David wanted to do the good thing, so he became a JFCS volunteer and joined an amazing community that cares for and protects its most vulnerable members. He helped pack Rosh Hashanah foods sent to JFCS clients who might not have someone to celebrate the New Year with. He spent an evening engrossed in a card game with some of our senior clients. He cooked a gourmet meal with the residents of JFCS’ Shupin House for adults with disabilities.

He also became a JFCS donor.

Last year our donors helped 78,000 people who were alone or distressed find comfort, hope, or turn their lives around.

You can ensure that no one in our community suffers through a crisis alone by doing that one good thing.

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Posted by Admin on November 3, 2016