When Teens’ Struggle JFCS’ Parents Place Offers Assistance
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Maysie, 6, and Kendra, 14, are sisters living on the Peninsula. Last year was a very hard year for Kendra. Right when she started high school, a friend in her circle committed suicide and Kendra suddenly wasn’t doing well socially or academically. Alarmed, her parents, Elisa and Daniel, contacted JFCS’ Parents Place for help. Elisa wasn’t new to Parents Place; she had visited many times when Maysie, who has Down Syndrome, was a toddler.


Parents Place helped Kendra, 14, pictured here with her sister.

“Dan and I thought we had been through the worst after Maysie was born and I went through post partum depression, but it was horrible seeing our teen lose her way.”

A children’s clinical therapist at JFCS’ Parents Place worked with Kendra as she encountered her own depression and feelings of inadequacy. Now she is back to being herself and an amazing big sister – while also figuring out who she is as a young woman.

Elisa is very positive about the services her family has received and is relieved that a difficult period is passing, “Thank you Parents Place for helping us be the solid family we are no matter how hard it’s been.”

Parents Place makes sure that parents and kids have the support, life skills, and education they need to thrive. Generous donors have made it possible for Parents Place to offer comprehensive services—from parenting workshops to counseling and clinical assessments—in all of our regions.

If you or a parent you know is going through a difficult family crisis, or would just like additional parenting tools, contact Parents Place today.

Posted by Admin on March 4, 2016