Vera Stein’s Family Tradition of Supporting Our Community
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Giving back to the community is a core family value for Vera Stein, a longtime JFCS volunteer and friend. Beginning with her father’s work as a volunteer with JFCS’ Utility Workshop, a pioneering job-creation program for refugees and immigrants, and continuing with Vera and her daughter, Deborah Hoffman—both active committee members and past members of the JFCS Board of Directors—three generations of this compassionate and community-minded family have helped to support JFCS’ mission.

Vera's mother, Greta z’l, received loving care from JFCS, including visits from Rudy.

Vera’s mother, Greta z’l, received loving care from JFCS, including visits from Rudy.

Vera and her family had direct experience with JFCS services when her widowed mother, Greta Livingson z’l, needed help at home. “The staff at JFCS’ Seniors At Home was instrumental to my mother’s care,” says Vera. “All the caregivers were wonderful—reliable, responsible, and kind.” Weekly visits from Rudy, a friendly dog from JFCS’ volunteer Canine Corps, always brought a smile.

Experiencing the value of loving, expert care for seniors further strengthened the commitment of Vera and her husband, Hal z’l. “It’s very important that caring for seniors is a pillar of JFCS’ mission and work. These services are a necessity,” says Vera, who continues to bring her keen insights and strategic perspective to her service on JFCS’ Program and Planning Committee.

Thank you, Vera, for all you and your family do for our community!

Vera Stein is generously supporting JFCS’ Center for Children Health’s upcoming lecture series. The Vera and Harold Stein Lecture Series on Advancing Children’s Mental Health—Kids Today: Cutting Edge Conversations brings together some of the nation’s preeminent thinkers on issues facing kids and parents today.

Posted by Admin on January 20, 2023