Tania Albukerk Ensures Holocaust Survivors Have Loving Care
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Inspired by her grandparents’ experience as Holocaust survivors, Tania Albukerk, a longtime JFCS volunteer, and her husband, Larry, became donors to JFCS’ comprehensive, loving services for local Holocaust survivors. “We want to help survivors have the best possible years,” says Tania, who also helps to strengthen our community by serving on JFCS’ Program & Planning and Loans & Grants Committees.

Tania Albukerk and her family in San Francisco.

Tania Albukerk and her family in San Francisco.

“Growing up, I felt immersed in the visceral, lived experience of those who had been through the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II,” says Tania. Since her three children and their peers do not have this experience, Tania places a high value on the educational programs of the JFCS Holocaust Center and their power to teach the lessons of the Holocaust, build empathy, and instill moral courage. Her eldest daughter completed one of the programs for high school students.

“In the face of rising, virulent antisemitism, it is important and necessary that JFCS is providing leadership in expanding education about the Holocaust in middle and high schools statewide,” she says.

Thank you, Tania, for your outstanding leadership and support!

Posted by Admin on December 22, 2022