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Valentina and daughter

Valentina and her daughter, Liasia, are among hundreds of Ukrainian refugees who have turned to JFCS for help.

Valentina and her daughter fled Ukraine in the spring. Shortly after arriving in San Francisco, Valentina broke her leg. In need of medical care and a place to live, she called JFCS. JFCS helped Valentina navigate health insurance and find temporary lodging with local volunteers. It took a while to find the right living situation, but JFCS was by her side throughout, providing food, access to transportation, job-seeking classes, and community with other Ukrainians in the area.

“JFCS’ help allowed me to think and take steps to get back on my feet. They never stopped asking how we were doing, helping financially, and explaining how various services work. Thank you so much.”

Posted by Admin on December 22, 2022