Opening Soon! Ady’s Place and Gerson’s Place, Our Newest Residences for Adults with Disabilities
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JFCS’ Gary Shupin Independent Living Community is growing! With the addition of Ady’s Place and Gerson’s Place, our vibrant “urban kibbutz” in San Francisco’s Laurel Heights will now include multiple beautiful residences for neurodivergent adults. We are grateful to The Barbara and Gerson Bakar Foundation for their vision and longtime generosity!

Shupin Houses

Ady’s Place (right), for women, and Gerson’s place (left), for men, are the newest residences in JFCS’ Shupin Community for adults with developmental disabilities.

Founded in 2009, the Shupin Community includes a robust social program, independent living and job skills, and wraparound services so that adults with disabilities can live full, happy lives and age with dignity.

Here are some examples of life in the Shupin Community:

Anita celebrating with Shupin residents

JFCS’ Executive Director Dr. Anita Friedman and residents celebrate Shabbat at Shupin House.

Shupin Residents Cooking

Shupin residents hone their independent living skills like cooking, laundry, bill paying, and preparing for job interviews.

Shupin Community Members

The Shupin Social Club gathers at Shupin House for a tie-dying event.

“Living in the Shupin Community is a Dream Come True.”

It isn’t always easy to feel like we fit in, especially for neurodivergent adults, who often feel they have to settle for less. So to live somewhere like the Shupin Community—where residents have the support they need to grow, learn new skills, and reach their goals—has been life-changing for friends Morgan and Alex.

Alex and Morgan

Alex and Morgan, residents of JFCS’ Shupin Community, hang out at Gary’s Place.

Here is what they say:

“Gary’s Place is the best Independent Living program I have ever been in. Gary’s Place has helped me meet friends and get a new job. The staff here are very wonderful and care about me.”—Morgan

“Living in the Shupin Community is a dream come true. I’m a neurodivergent artist and I have found a community where I fit in and am gaining the skills I need to flourish in my life. I love my beautiful living space, and the staff at Shupin House have been great to work with. I truly admire this community!”—Alex

If you or a loved one is interested in living in a Shupin Community residence, please contact Ryan Berman at [email protected] to learn more.

You can help more adults with disabilities live full, happy, and independent lives. Donate to JFCS’ Shupin Community today and double your impact!

Posted by Admin on September 23, 2022