Deb Stadtner: An Example for the Next Generation
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JFCS Board member Deb Stadtner is devoted to philanthropic work in the Jewish community. After a successful 20-year career in market research, she now focuses considerable time on building a thriving and meaningful community in Marin and beyond.

When her oldest of 4 children started preschool at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center (OMJCC), Deb began volunteering at the school. This experience ignited a passion for serving others. In the years since, she has become a beloved leader in the Jewish community—volunteering and/or serving on the boards of numerous organizations including the OMJCC (including as President), Brandeis Marin, Jewish Community High School of the Bay, Bay Area Jewish Healing Center, URJ Camp Newman, AIPAC, Jewish Community Federation and San Francisco Hillel.

Larry and Deb Stadtner

Larry and Deb Stadtner

Deb was first introduced to JFCS when her daughter participated in YouthFirst’s Impact Year for teens. (Later, her two youngest sons also participated in JFCS’ YouthFirst programs). She describes their experiences as incredibly impactful, as they provided her children with an understanding of the need for JFCS’ services and an opportunity to connect personally with the Jewish community.

Leading By Example

Children learn by example, and Deb sets the standard for her children and for the next generation by demonstrating Jewish principles in practice. She started volunteering long ago with JFCS and has become more and more engaged over the years. Deb has served on several committees and in many JFCS activities including the agency’s signature Fammy Gala as a Marin regional co-chair. She was elected to the JFCS Board of Directors in 2018 in recognition of her expertise and leading Jewish communal role.

Inspired by JFCS’ long 170-year legacy of caring for the community and the organization’s breadth of programming for children, seniors, and families, Deb notes: “I find it very meaningful to serve on the board of an agency that serves so many people in such an impactful way.”

Making Critical Services Possible, Today and in the Future

Deb is also proud of the agency’s ability to quickly expand and adjust its programming to meet changing community needs throughout Northern California and well beyond. In particular, she has been impressed with JFCS’ immediate and defining response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Deb’s leadership, commitment, hands-on approach, and compassion have made her an incredibly respected member of JFCS’ Board. A motivational role model, Deb graciously encourages others to get involved. She has stepped up to contribute her time and skills to JFCS’ fundraising efforts because she finds this work challenging and therefore especially rewarding.

Deb says, “It’s very gratifying to explain to others how their donations make JFCS’ critical services possible.”

As the agency celebrates its 170th anniversary and looks to the future, Deb is also focused on ensuring JFCS’ long-term viability. As a board member, she plays a leadership role in the agency’s $200 million Endowment Campaign, which has already raised well over $100 million. Leading by example, Deb and her husband Larry established a JFCS Named Endowment Fund last year to support these essential efforts.

“A robust endowment is necessary to ensure that the agency can ride through any crisis, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m glad to contribute to this cause,” says Deb.

Our entire community is grateful indeed to the Stadtners for their wonderful example.

Posted by Admin on August 18, 2020