Jacqueline Neuwirth and Stephen Swire: Lead by Example
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Jacqueline and Stephen Swire strongly believe in tzedakah and pursue their commitment through leading by example—on behalf of our community and for their children, Aislinn and Sam, as well. As our community faces the ongoing pandemic crisis, their leadership is needed now more than ever.

Jacqueline and Stephen were introduced to JFCS years ago after the birth of Aislinn, when Jacqueline joined a support group at JFCS’ Parents Place. The relationship with the agency grew over the years, from volunteering with their children in Marin to serving on the JFCS Board of Directors, with Stephen completing a six-year term and Jacqueline joining the board in 2018. Respected activists, Jacqueline and Stephen have been beloved friends of JFCS for decades.

Jacqueline Neuwirth and Stephen Swire

Jacqueline Neuwirth and Stephen Swire

When asked what has kept them so involved, the Swires credit the organization’s crucial humanitarian services and its commitment to excellence. As Jacqueline explains, she feels a personal responsibility to “roll up my sleeves, do something, and not sit on the sidelines.” They are deeply rooted in the broader community as well and support many other important nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Their uplifting devotion to service and ability to connect with others make the Swires inspiring leaders. Stephen, who has built a successful career in real estate investment and development, brings business acumen and a deep understanding of nonprofit management. Jacqueline has extensive experience in philanthropy, fundraising, strategic planning, and marketing, with more than a quarter century of professional experience in the field.

The couple has been involved with the JFCS Fammy Gala for many years, regularly attending and supporting the event and serving in the past as Marin chairs. As chairs of the 2020 Fammy Gala Committee, the Swires were disappointed that this year’s March event was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, they look forward to supporting JFCS in other ways. As community leaders, the Swires know that the Fammy Gala has been a local tradition for more than 40 years and a wonderful way to raise critical funds to help the most vulnerable in our community.

The Swires’ support of nonprofits ties into their desire to establish a legacy of philanthropy. Jacqueline and Stephen are also pleased to see the next generation giving back to the community. JFCS has several growing programs for young adult leaders, and JFCS events, including its many virtual offerings, are a perfect opportunity to invite this next generation to become even more meaningfully involved. As JFCS looks to the future, Stephen and Jacqueline are ideal role models to energize our next wave of leaders who will one day in the future step into their shoes.

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2020