Kathy Fields-Rayant and Garry Rayant: Champions for Children
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Kathy and Garry were introduced to JFCS when they sought prenatal advice at JFCS’ Parents Place before the birth of their first son, starting a decades-long relationship with the organization. They are now dedicated board leaders and wonderful supporters.

When the couple met in San Francisco 30 years ago, they instantly connected over shared goals and values. These values guide all their engagements with the causes they support. Coming from families with similar Jewish traditions, both are also long-time supporters of the US-Israel relationship through AIPAC, as well as Tel Aviv University.

The Rayants lead the JFCS' new Center for Children and Youth.  (from left to right) Gary Rayant, Dr. Anita Friedman, Kathy-Fields Rayant, and Igor Tartakovsky

The Rayants lead the JFCS’ new Center for Children and Youth. (from left to right) Dr. Garry Rayant, Dr. Anita Friedman, Dr. Kathy Fields-Rayant, and Igor Tartakovsky

Through their sons’ and classmates’ struggles at school, from homework overload to anxiety and depression, Kathy and Garry experienced firsthand the stresses that students face. This inspired their tireless commitment to services for youth and to education reform, including pioneering programming for healthier school cultures. The couple also support Challenge Success, a nonprofit that promotes student well-being and healthy engagement with learning. They funded Tel Aviv University’s innovative Minducate program, which researches how the brain learns best.

When JFCS Executive Director Dr. Anita Friedman approached the couple to serve as chairs of the Advisory Council for JFCS’ new Center for Children and Youth, it was a perfect fit. They are incredible assets due to their vision for a healthier society for kids, their decades of experience, and their close relationships with top experts in the fields of education and services to children and youth.

Kathy, a Stanford-trained dermatologist and co-founder of the skincare brands Proactiv Solution and Rodan + Fields, is a proven innovator. Her extraordinary skills and passion have propelled these brands to international leaders in the skincare field.

Garry, a prominent periodontist and co-founder of Dear Doctor magazine, also holds a Master’s in Behavioral Science, giving him invaluable insight into the education, healthcare, and political systems. Garry states that CCY provides the unique opportunity to “transform the system of mental healthcare, well-being, and social support systems in California by bringing the strategic vision and bold leadership necessary to provide the most advanced forms of care at scale across the state.”

As JFCS celebrates its 170th anniversary, Kathy and Garry embody everything that JFCS stands for. They are excited to lend their expertise to making CCY successful. As Kathy says, “Together we are creating something that will truly benefit society, both in California and nationwide.”

Posted by Admin on January 31, 2020