JFCS’ Emergency Services Program Creates Stability When Crisis Hits
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For most of us there will be a time in our lives when a personal crisis shakes us to our very core, and what felt like solid ground under our feet suddenly feels like sinking sand. JFCS’ Emergency Family Assistance Program works with people who are in such a dark place—who are struggling to get their basic needs met so they have the strength and support to overcome the challenges ahead.

Whether an eviction, a devastating accident, or leaving an abusive partner triggered the crisis, over 2,500 Bay Area residents received emergency assistance from JFCS last year.

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A Family Safe from Domestic Violence

Olivia was a young single mother with no support system when she met a man who promised to take care of her and 4-year-old son. Soon after they moved in with him the emotional abuse and controlling behavior began: “You can’t leave the house” and “You can’t do anything right.” When he began to hit her, however, Olivia knew she had to get the two of them to safety. She says, “I was a mess when I called JFCS. It wasn’t only the abuse I was afraid of. I also was terrified about where we would live and how I could support the two of us. I had no confidence in myself and my fears were overwhelming.”

Day by day JFCS’ professionals have been able to lay Olivia’s concerns to rest. Her JFCS Dream Program case manager helped them find stable housing but also provided therapeutic, vocational, and financial counseling.

After piecing a living together working three part-time jobs, Olivia is now interviewing for a full-time role in her chosen field. Her son is also receiving counseling from a JFCS’ Parents Place specialist and is healing, “His therapist says that it is not unusual for children to imitate the violence they witnessed. But now, with treatment, he is learning to develop other coping skills when he gets angry and frustrated.” Olivia adds, “And so am I.”

From Living in a Car to a New Stable Career

Thomas 60, turned to JFCS last year after a series of hardships left him homeless. After being laid off from his job that he had held for years he was unable to find full-time work. Despite his college degree and experience, he struggled to find part-time and temporary positions, while the rent on his Peninsula apartment continued to skyrocket. With his savings depleted Thomas was no longer able to afford housing and he began sleeping in his car. Although re­­­luctant to ask for assistance, he finally made the call to JFCS that enabled him to turn his life around.

Thomas’ case manager provided grocery vouchers and helped him access the JFCS Food Bank. JFCS also provided emergency financial aid that made it possible for him to move into a studio apartment and take coursework that led to a new, well-paying job in the tech industry. Thomas says, “I don’t know what I would have done without JFCS. I guess I would have been stuck in my car for a long time. Now I have hope, and a future.”

You Lift up the Struggling

Over 40 programs help seniors, families, and individuals in the Bay Area. Thanks to the support of our donors JFCS is able to offer practical support and life-changing care so anyone facing a crisis can get through it. You strengthen the community one person at a time by giving and making this crucial work possible.

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JFCS’ Emergency Family Assistance Program is supported by generous individual donors, endowed funds, and grants from foundations, including the Koret Foundation, the Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust, the Federation Newhouse Fund, and the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture.

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* Names have been changed for confidentiality.

Posted by Admin on October 8, 2018