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“I want to die with dignity.”

Nora is a client of Jewish Family and Children’s Services whose story and strength I find inspiring. She has not only survived the Holocaust, she’s outlived her husband and son. Now, at 93, she’s been diagnosed with cancer.

When Nora reached out to JFCS, she tearfully said she hadn’t spoken to anyone in two weeks and that getting around on her own was painful. With no living relatives and only a small fixed income to pay her bills, Nora needs our help.


“I want to die with dignity.”

“I was 17 years old when the Nazis took us from our home. When the trains came to deport us to the east, I knew it was not going to be good. So, soon after the train started heading out, I jumped off! I survived the war, but the rest of my family did not. I’m so grateful that I’ve lived a long life, but I don’t want to die alone.”

You can ensure that Nora receives excellent care and companionship by making a generous gift today.


Through your contributions, a wonderful caregiver can visit her every day someone for her to reminisce with and help prepare meals. She can get rides to doctor’s appointments and to lunches at JFCS with other survivors.

As her cancer progresses, JFCS’ expert team can help her alleviate any physical or emotional suffering she experiences. More importantly, Nora will know she doesn’t have to be alone because donors like you care.

When you show you care by giving, you become part of an exemplary community that makes it possible for our young to be successful, for our families to be strong, and for our old to be treated with dignity. I can think of nothing more important.

With gratitude,


Jim Shapiro

JFCS Board President

P.S. Your donation helps anyone in our community who needs it—including families and seniors in the North Bay who need long-term assistance to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the fires.

Posted by Admin on December 8, 2017