Canine Corps Training
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  • Volunteers

Do you love dogs? Are you interested in sharing your dog–and your love of dogs–with seniors in our community?

woman with dog

JFCS’s Canine Companion Program is to help seniors live safer, healthier, more independent lives in their own homes.  The senior’s services division of JFCS and volunteers play a vital role in carrying it out.  By working with seniors, volunteers have the opportunity to help them remain independent, while building meaningful relationships, getting involved in your community, and giving the gift of your time.  Pets often bring out the best in people. This program provides an opportunity for seniors to experience the benefits of human-animal interaction.

Upon completion and certification, JFCS will match you with a senior with whom you and your dog will visit weekly, for at least an hour; volunteer commitment is one year.

Pet therapy has proven an effective way to provide love and comfort to people seeking more connection with their communities. Be a part of this wonderful outreach. What’s in it for your pooch? New friends–plus a JFCS Canine Corps vest!

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To receive more information regarding this volunteer training call 415-449-3824 or email:

Posted by Admin on October 14, 2015