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When Anna and Dave, a Sonoma County couple who have been married for 11 years, decided to grow their family through adoption, they looked at the options and decided to work with JFCS’ adoption agency, Adoption Connection. They are so glad that they did, because three months ago, Max, their son, came into their lives.

Their joy at becoming parents is matched by their gratitude—to both Adoption Connection and to the birthmother and her family, who selected Anna and Dave to raise her baby.

“We think the people at Adoption Connection are great,” says Dave. “They have always been very responsive, supportive, and reassuring.”

Anna and David with son Max

Anna and David with son Max

“More than that,” adds Anna, “they really encourage you to understand the difficult circumstances and choices faced by many birthmothers. When you start the adoption process, you’re thinking, ‘I want a baby!’ But Adoption Connection helps you understand that there’s a lot more at stake than just your needs—it’s also about the baby and his or her birthmother. We really appreciated the holistic approach”

Anna and Dave also appreciated the hands-on, getting-to-know you style that Adoption Connection took during the time they waited to become adoptive parents—whether it was the homestudy process, during which an Adoption Connection social worker visited them to assess their living situation; the writing of the birthmother letter, when Anna and Dave received guidance so that they could compose a profile of themselves for birthmothers to read; or the post-adoption process, when Adoption Connection helped them file all of the paperwork needed to adopt a baby from outside of California. “All you have to do is pick up the phone, and they’re on top of it,” says Dave, of the support and assistance he and Anna received from Adoption Connection.

Anna and Dave look forward to continuing their connection with Adoption Connection and with Heidi Bonfigli, their Adoption Connection caseworker who visits them every couple of months to make sure that they and Max are doing fine. “The whole experience has been meaningful and emotionally resonant,” says Anna, thrilled in her role as new mother.

Find out more about the full-service open adoption agency, Adoption Connection.

Posted by Admin on August 28, 2014