Hurricane Relief Emergency Fund
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Jewish Family and Children’s Services and our community in the Bay Area are helping the victims of Hurricane Dorian. Please donate to help thousands of people who have been affected by this devastating storm. The impact is catastrophic and recovery will take a very long time. Those battered by the hurricane face immense flooding and damage to their communities and desperately need our help now and in the months to come. Click here to donate now!Read More

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My Summer Internship
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A first taste of life in the working world hours and his pay statements. By Olivia Perlman Excerpts from the article originally printed in the August Issue of The New Fillmore. As my junior year at Marin Academy was coming to a close last spring, I decided to apply for a summer internship with Jewish Family and Children’s Services on Post Street. This paid internship program offers teens the opportunity to work with local businesses for six weeks under a supervisor’s guidance. The program also includes a weekly workshop in which the interns are taught workplace and life skills, with… Read More

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Claire Solot: Leading the Way to Ensure Vital Services are Available for All 
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For Claire Solot, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Bigglesworth Family Foundation (BFF), serving on the JFCS Board of Directors seemed like a perfect fit in 2004. At the same time, her foundation was building and growing—and with JFCS’ broad range of services also expanding, Claire embraced the synergy that came from growing side-by-side. Remembering her grandparents’ involvement with JFCS (on the east coast) when she was a young girl, she felt a lasting connection to JFCS in the Bay Area. Claire served on the JFCS Board for ten years and chaired the JFCS Public Issues Committee. She enjoyed… Read More

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A Bright Future for Vivienne S. Camp Scholarship Winners
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Upon receiving the news that he was one of the recipients of the Vivienne S. Camp Scholarship, Ziven Posner was in disbelief. He read the email from JFCS’ Financial Aid Center two more times before he convinced himself that it was real. He then shouted and started to cry. Maya Ben Tov, the other recipient awarded a scholarship, had a similar response to the news. “I was so shocked and happy! I know there were many qualified applicants for the scholarship. This relieves me of needing a student loan for now. I’m so grateful!” The Vivienne S. Camp Scholarship is… Read More

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Carole Meyers: Building Community through Friendship and Support
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Carole Meyers and her family started volunteering with JFCS in 1993, when they “adopted” a Jewish family that had just emigrated from the Soviet Union. The Meyers guided the newcomers in many practical and emotional ways (not an easy task given the language barriers) and built a deep friendship with them. This experience, coupled with Carole’s love of teaching, inspired her to volunteer to teach a JFCS English Second Language class. Twelve years later, the small group of Russian-speaking Jewish emigre women continues to meet weekly, and Carole admits that learning English is only a small part of the class;… Read More

Posted by Admin on July 18, 2019