Events and Celebrations

We bring hospital patients, families, and staff together with the wider community to welcome Shabbat and celebrate Jewish holidays. See below and be sure to check back for the latest information.

Past Events

JFCS’ Passover Celebration—Finding Our Way
How is this Passover different from all others?

Join us as we celebrate this ancient story and experience its power to reveal freedom and hope during these uncertain times. Watch the video >

Hanukkah: Kindling Light in Darkness

Join us for an inspiring program in these darkest times when we are in need of light. Together, we will explore how kindling the Hanukkah lights can strengthen us. Through stories, teachings, songs, and even humor, let us experience the power of Hanukkah to inspire hope and healing.

Celebrate Sukkot! A harvest of healing and Thanksgiving

Visit Stanford Medicine’s Sukkah, located at 300 Pasteur Fountain. Stop by to enjoy the shade, discover the relationship of this holiday to health and healing, and add your wishes for healing to our prayer chains. At the Sukkah, enjoy a light snack and an opportunity to wave the lulav and etrog.

Sounding the Shofar: Returning to Our Heart

The High Holidays are a time for reflection and return to what feels most important in our lives. What do you most want for yourself in the year to come? How might you live more fully from the heart? Join us as we consider these questions and more. Watch the video >

Cultivating Spiritual Fitness with Chaplain Bruce Feldstein

Join us in person the morning before the beginning of the new Jewish year for coffee, pastries, and a journey through Spiritual Fitness techniques that help develop important well-being skills such as awareness, sharing, and more.

JFCS’ Passover Celebration—Finding Our Way

Connecting our community in the San Francisco Bay Area with friends and guests around the world. Watch the video >

Revealing the Hidden Light of Hanukkah

Join us for an inspiring program as we explore how the light of Hanukkah can brighten up even the darkest of times. Watch the video >

Sounding the Shofar: What’s Your Intention? with Chaplain Bruce Feldstein, MD, BCC, and Rabbi Daniel Isaacson

The High Holidays are a time for reflection and resolve. Our lives are moving quickly, and not always in the direction we’d like. Let us gather in this time of uncertainty and turn inward. What do you want for yourself in the year to come? What is your intention? Join us as we find hope and strength to navigate into our future. Watch the video >

Welcome Shabbat: A Healing Service

(on hold due to COVID restrictions)

Everyone is invited to welcome the Sabbath and experience a time of healing through reflections, songs, and prayers from Jewish tradition.

WHEN: Fridays, 2:00 – 2:30 pm
WHERE: Stanford Children’s Hospital Sanctuary (see map)

See upcoming JFCS events >

To learn more about Jewish Chaplaincy Services, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, contact Dana Doctorow, Program Coordinator, at [email protected] or 650-723-3808.

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