Case Management

Many turn to JFCS when they face significant challenges because they know that we excel in helping individuals and families find the best solutions to their particular concerns.

One of the most effective ways we assist persons with disabilities and their families and caregivers is through case management.

Case management entails a comprehensive assessment that culminates in an individualized care plan and ongoing support to achieve personal goals.

Case management remains central to our Disabilities Services, because we believe that addressing individuals’ particular needs effectively requires considerable care, thought, and coordination. Our social work staff meets with clients and families to provide expert evaluations, problem-solve, and coordinate services to suit their circumstances. Our aim, as always, is to help those seeking our assistance achieve and maintain optimal levels of well-being and self-sufficiency.

Case management can take place at JFCS’ offices, as well as in home environments.

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  • Ryan Berman, MSW
  • Director of Disability Services
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