Pandemic Emergency Assistance Grants

For individuals, families, and some small businesses that have been financially impacted by the COVID19 crisis, JFCS also offers emergency grants. Emergency grants are dedicated to helping with the cost of food, bills, and other essential expenses. We help you find financial assistance through JFCS, partner organizations, and government programs.

For Individuals, Families and some Small Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area

JFCS is here to help you through the challenges we are all facing during this Pandemic. Our case management staff will provide you the support you /or your family/ and even your business needs to cope with your current financial concerns. In addition to emergency grants, JFCS will assist you/your family to stay self-sufficient, and if needed, offer other JFCS support services or resources that you may need during these trying times.

To find out more about JFCS’ Emergency Grants, call us at 415-449-1212.

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