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Navigating the increasingly complex healthcare system is difficult, especially for people who have been diagnosed with serious or life-threatening diseases and conditions. It can be frightening to absorb the news and consider all of the challenges and decisions that need to be made. Seniors At Home has an interdisciplinary team of professionals who help open the lines of communication, facilitate collaborative care between you and your healthcare team, and provide information and support to you and your family. Our healthcare advocates will address your complete needs—mind, body and spirit.


  • Providing information about the illness
  • Preparing for and accompanying to medical appointments
  • Discussing treatment options
  • Helping to define your priorities
  • Facilitating family discussion
  • Providing support for coping and healing techniques
  • Identifying complementary/holistic treatments
  • Linking with other community resources
  • Guiding the preparation of advance directives
  • Arranging for legal authority to manage person and estate, if needed
  • Coordinating hospice services, if and when they are chosen

Our licensed social workers, registered nurses, and volunteer physician work with you to make sure that services are personalized to your individual needs. You will also have access to the comprehensive range of Seniors At Home services, such as home care, spiritual care, counseling, and volunteer services.

Visit our Seniors At Home website to learn more about how JFCS can help your family >

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